Friday, April 30, 2010

One Day More

Spent our last full day in California today. We hit all of the rides that the kids wanted one more time and then spent some time shopping. Even had a turkey leg--it was worth it Tim. I am trying to get to sleep early so that we can leave a little early. Need to get home and put together a lesson for High Priests. The kids picked out their souvenir, and we went to dinner. The kids are now out at the pool for one last swim. Not looking forward to the long drive or the cold weather, but it will be nice to get home. Pictures to come.


Sassy Jane said...

Sounds like you guys had a fun time! I think you should let me tag along next time!! I'm glad you're coming home, I have missed ya! Be safe! Hopefully you will bring the warm weather with ya, I am so sick of the snow!!

Lindsey said...

Thanks for all the updates! Glad you all had a wonderful time. Maybe next time you can come to Seattle to visit. I am sure I can find a pool! We will take you to the Crab Pot! Now there is some real food! They throw it all on the table! No plates or forks needed just dig in!
Can't wait to see the pictures and the video of you dancing! ;)
Safe Travels.