Sunday, April 18, 2010 GREAT day!!!!

Our Gang of Six

The Whole Gang--almost 50 of us!!!!

Some days are better than others, and Saturday April 17th was one of the best! It started in the morning with the annual MS Walk. The walk is organized by the State MS Organizations. We have been participants for the past three years. Our team never seems to raise the most money, but we always have a large group of family, friends, and neighbors that turn out to walk to help find a cure for MS, and help show our support for Deborah. It is the memories that are made on this walk that help get us through the hard times of the year.

We always have great support from our family and friends. All of Scott's brothers and sisters, as well as their kids were there. Deb's mom, her brother Glenn, Chris Hart, along with some neighbors and close friends came to show their support, many for the third year in a row. Each of us had a sign telling why we were walking. Mine simply said "for my wife." One of Deborah's friends husband, Kendall Redmond, added another reason why he was walking. In his words he was walking because "Life is too short to suck." I could not agree more.

Marie, Deborah, and Glenn...and Shasta

One of the neatest things about this years walk was the support that our children received from their friends. Taylor had a handful of friends walk with us, and Baylee had her friend Ashton there to lend her support.

Taylor's Gang

Baylee and Ashton

To all of you who came, we cannot thank you enough. It is your love and support that gets us through each day. We love you and look forward to seeing everyone there next year and we continue to hope and pray for a cure for this disease. If it could be cured by love, Deb would be the most healthy person on Earth. You all showed us that.

Part Two of a great day:

Future Gamer?

Payton and I went to the Red and White game at the U. I have always enjoyed the game, and really like the fact that my boy was the one pushing me to go. He was excited to be there with cousins, but was more excited to go onto the field and get some autographs and see some of the players. The highlight of the day was running into Eric Weddle. For those who know me, you know how I feel about Weddle. I think that he is a class act. Payton had him sign his football, and also had a picture taken with him. He told Eric that all he wants for Christmas is a powder blue Weddle Chargers jersey. The kid knows how to really suck up.

Payton and Eric Weddle

He was able to get all of the autographs that he wanted, including one from Shaky Smithson and Brian Johnson.

After the autograph session, Payton spent some time on the field. We played catch, and ran around. He even caught one of my passes at the goal line and ran 100 yards the other way for a TD. Payton was fascinated with the turf and the little rubber pellets that make it soft. He also thought that the whole experience was "the best day of my life....until we get to Disneyland."
Below are some pictures that I took from our experience on the field.

100 Yards is a long way to run

Thank you again to all of our family and friends. We are so blessed and are grateful for all that you do to support us.


Danielle Thompson said...

Looks like the perfect kind of day! And have the best time in Disneyland...can't wait to hear about your trip!

Sassy Jane said...

The MS walk is always fun! It's becoming a tradition! I love coming and supporting Deborah! She is an amazing sister in-law! Looks like you and Pay had fun at the red and white game! Makes me sad I didn't go! Love you guys!

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