Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Its the Happiest Place on Earth so just be quiet and enjoy it!!!

The title of this post seems to say it all. Today was another great day, but we all seem to be going to bed a little tired and a lot ornery. We woke up later than usual, and made it to Disneyland around noon. There we met up with Riley and his family. We rode Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, went through the Haunted Mansion, conquered Indiana Jones, and finished it off with a little ride to find Nemo. The only real bummer for the day was when we found out that Thunder Mountain Railroad was closed for yearly maintenance. At least we could ride the Matterhorn, but every time we went by it was broken down, so that did not happen. Riley and I decided that we would eat dinner at the ESPN Zone so that at least we could watch the Jazz game, then they lost. It was a long day and nerves were close to the surface. I think that we almost need a vacation from the vacation. Once we left the park the kids were happy though because they ended the day in the pool with their cousins. It's ironic that we spend all of this money to come to California and see Mickey, but my kids would just rather spend time with their cousins and swim. I know that I am supposed to be teaching my children, but I continue to be taught by them. They are not really concerned with things, they just love to be around people who love them. At home they are the happiest with their cousins, whether it's with Becky's kids or Keli's kids or Riley's kids. It doesn't matter so long as they get to spend time with family. My children have taught me that it's not where you are that matters, it's who you are spending your time with. I honestly believe that they would be just as happy at a motel in Provo, as long as there was a swimming pool there and cousins to play with.
The weather has been great, not too hot, but not cold enough to need a jacket. Didn't take too many pictures today, but those that I did take will be posted when I get home. Too hard to download them on my laptop. Time for bed.


The Morgan's said...

I really wish we were there with you guys! Sounds like you are having so much fun! I am glad the weather is good! Woke up today with snow on the ground YUCK sick of the cold weather!! Well I miss you and love you all!! Be safe :)

Sassy Jane said...

Its so true, it doesn't matter where you are or what you're doing as long as you are having fun and loving who you are with! You've got some great kids Scott! I am glad you guys are having fun! We miss you!