Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I've Been Tagged

Here is my (Scott) Top 5 Addictions:

5. 24--I love that show. I have to admit that a whole year off made me a little worried, but I am glad that Jack Bauer is back making sure that I am safe. He is one bad dude.

4. The Office--"That's what she said". This show really makes me laugh. I start laughing when they show Dwight in the intro and I don't stop until the show is over.

3. Chili-Cheese Nachos from 7-11. I know it sounds gross, but there is really nothing better after midnight than stale nachos with chili, nacho cheese, and jalapeno peppers. I always pay for it the next morning, but I always seem to go back for more.

2. Utah Football--At the risk of making half of my family mad. I hope that I am not one of those "rub it in your face" fans, but I have watched the Byu game and the Sugar Bowl at least 20 times each. Every time I watch it the Utes win and I am happy. I don't think that being a Ute fan will keep me out of heaven, will it?

1. Diet Coke--I only need it to make my headaches go away. Being a Ute fan may not keep me out of heaven, but this little, okay big, vice just might. My goal during the year was to drink less diet Coke this year than I did last year. So far no good. Sometimes when I feel guilty about all of the diet Coke that I drink I will repent and have a diet Pepsi. Hey, I am a work in progress.

I am not sure how this stupid Tag thing works, but I now tag Tim Thompson, Kyle Johnson, Kalli, Todd Jackson, and Marthea Jackson. If you have already been tagged just relax and have a nice cold diet beverage for me.