Tuesday, April 27, 2010

California Dreaming and Screaming!!!!

I am way too tired to post, but I will try anyways. I am sorry to point out that there will not be any pictures with the original post, again too tired. We spent all day at California Adventure. All Payton has been talking about since we decided to come to Disney was that he was now tall enough to ride the California Screamer. Needless to say he was not disappointed. I think all in all he rode the thing five or six times, the last couple of times he was on the front. Crazy kid. He did seem to love it though. All of the kids had a great time. We have only been back at the hotel for 10 minutes and they are all asleep. That is a sign that we had a good day.
We spent the day with Riley and his family again. The kids had a ball pairing off and riding rides together. I think that we rode every ride that we wanted to at least once. I even rented a "Jazzy" scooter for Deb. The rest of the week she will just have to settle with the regular old wheelchair, but everyone should be able to live the good life for a day. The pictures of her driving the thing are funny. She even challenged two old ladies to a race. We then had dinner at a nice Mexican Restaurant in Downtown Disney, and then finished the night dancing to a band next to the Disneyland Hotel. It was late, we were all tired. For those of you who know me that is a deadly, and embarrassing combination. Yes I danced. I danced long, and I danced my heart out. Napoleon Dynamite has nothing on me..except a little more, well a lot more, hair. I think that I thoroughly embarrassed my kids. Unfortunately for me Taylor caught the whole thing on video. I am sure that she will attempt to give it up to the highest bidder. But it would do her well to remember who puts a roof over her head and feeds her. Maybe if I am brave I will post a little of my glorious dancing on the blog. Maybe not.
Pictures will come later...maybe even a little video. Depends on how tired I am tomorrow.


Danielle Thompson said...

I'm having Disney withdrawal reading your post....truly it's the happiest place on earth!

The Morgan's said...

I am so glad you guys are having a fun time! We miss you!

The Morgan's said...

I always knew payton was a crazy kid! And as for you let's just say can't wait to see the video!

Sassy Jane said...

Ha ha, I can't wait to see the video either! Yay, I am so glad Payton is having a blast!! Can't wait to hear
him tell all about it! I am so glad you guys are having a blast!